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The Empress Theatre – March 28th, 2015





The Empress Theatre – $15 advance & $20 door.

Address: 330 Virginia St, Vallejo, CA 94590

Doors at 7pm – Show at 8pm – Get there early! 

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Use Coupon Code chloejean328 to get $3.00 off per ticket when you purchase in advance.

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Atiim Chenzira’s band FatheR BrotheR Sun plays live at the Empress Theatre in Vallejo, CA. March 28th, as a part of their 2015 Sun Burned Tour. Tonight is Chloe Jean’s Full Length CD Release Party!!! So you know FRBRS has to be involved with opening her night up right!

Chloe Jean, one of FRBRS’ esteemed vocalists, is a local independent artist who just released her first Album on Access Music Records. Her music is capturing the attention of major songwriting organizations, and gaining popularity on many internet radio stations. Chloe will be performing songs off her original CD titled “Freak”. Her band is a group of seasoned professionals that includes Kevin Hayes on drums, Scott Urquhart on Bass, Michael Gill on Keyboards, Murray Orrick on Guitar and Kevin Frazier on Saxophone.

To open the show we are featuring FatheR BrotheR Sun, fronted by Atiim Chenzira, a Local East Bay Artist who has been performing and writing original music in the SF Bay Area for many years. FatheR BrotheR Sun is an amazing band of talent who play eclectic funky, soulful, and hip hop inspired rhythms; fronted by Atiim Chenzira, Ali Hammad, Chloe Jean, and Freedom Bean. Their songs deliver a broad brush of musical flavors with poetic styling and soulful grooves. Come join Chloe and Atiim & FRBRS for an amazing night of original music, and a special meet and greet after the show!

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Oakland Drops Beats: Final Quarterly for 2014



History in the Making.

The Show


Hey folks, I will be performing with my band, FatheR BrotheR Sun, this Saturday December 20th at Spice Monkey in Downtown Oakland for the final quarterly expression of Oakland Drops Beats in 2014. As some of you may know, since 2005, I have also been the CEO and Founder of A Thousand WordZ (; a community of mixed genre artists who share their works in community to build community. Check out the website. It has been a pleasure to organize visual, culinary, and audio arts to provide a special environment to share community ideals and to support non-profit organizations in our world who are working towards supporting natural disasters. This time around, we will be asking participants to donate what they can to provide support for some local Oakland non-profits. We’ll work the details out for who we choose soon, so stay tuned. For now, please review the flier below, tell your family and friends, and come out in support of Oakland ‘Standing Up’ to revitalize Downtown Oakland’s business district and arts, and local artists of Oakland sharing their passions to help you alleviate and elevate!


History in the Making.

Playlist of Friends & Family



Hi, ya’ll.

I figured I would share a list of songs for your entertainment. Included are some folks that I have played with in some capacity or respect musically. I hope you enjoy. All you have to do now is press play, and let the music fill your ears.

Try Again – Aspectz Of Me (2014)



Hey, ya’ll. It was about two years ago today that I performed a song live at Roccapulco in San Francisco named ‘Try Again’. It wasn’t in the recording phase yet, but after rehearsing this track with a few great musicians to make it ready for an audience of 1000+ people at a Goodwill Industry Corporate Event, I was excited to move it towards recording.  People danced and had a great time while I performed ‘Try Again’, and it quickly became one of my personal favorites in my newest body of work, Aspectz Of Me  (, for more reasons than one.

The inspiration for this track comes from years of experience with relationships, being reflected in ways, which has inspired me to grow & evolve psychologically, socially, and ultimately, relationally. You see, I don’t give up on things so easy, and sure, I get bummed at times when things don’t work out the way I want them to, but that feeling only inspires me as much as oxygen inspires fire. I just burn a little more brighter, and get a little more hungry.

Check out the lyrics:

Here is the Kosta Mix Version from Aspectz Of Me – Volume A:

Here is  the Version, which is on both the EP & Volume Bomani: 

Oh, and here is video from about two years ago, when I performed it at Roccapulco ( in San Francisco for a Goodwill audience, with some great musicians:


The Mayhem Festival Winners are announced!




Well folks, the winners have been announced, and there is a great number of great musicians and song writers in this Bay Area. Congratulations to all of the winners! Time to get back to the making of more great tunes, and we’ll see how next year pans out. Thank you very much for your support, and it was an honor to participate in the Mayhem Festival competition! Thank you.

Atiim Chenzira

Nominee for Best Song by Oakland Solo Artist, Mayhem 2014



Mayhem 2014


“Miss Fire” was nominated and selected as one of 21 finalists in the category “Best Song by an Oakland Solo Artist.”

Winners will be announced on Monday October 20th, so stay tuned. 


To take a listen to the 21 Oakland Solo Artists who were nominated for this category, please visit the link below:


Miss Fire:  


Concert on 10/10/14




The Legionnaire Saloon
Oakland, California


6/22/2014 Release Date for Aspectz Of Me



The Release of Aspectz Of Me is here:

Volume Atiim & Volume Bomani




Aspectz Of Me:  6/22/14

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Oakland Neighborhood Project



A Photo Project To Bring Out Oakland’s Voice

Steve Texeria is a photographer with Oakland roots, who has set off to bring a different kind of attention to Oakland, an attention only natives, and people who know her can. With his camera, he is inspired to share a thousand words with one image, and another.

I was one of his latest participants, and though I grew up in the Allendale district, in 1994 I moved away from the Bay Area for school, and for love, and Oakland has re-opened her arms to me after those two had ended. Since my return in 2003, the Golden Gate district has claimed me as her own. And, this is where Steve and I meet. I read and article in the SF Chronicle one Sunday morning, while having coffee, and decided to find him on Facebook. I wanted to be a part of his project, his documentation of my city, our city, and his vision, which I share; to give Oakland back her name, reputation, and smile.

It is all too often that I hear the negatives of what Oakland has to offer, even from those San Franciscans who have come to her because of cheaper housing, and access to more space, but she isn’t all bad. Nothing truly is all bad or good, but what is more commonly spoken of Oakland, or, at least, has lingered since the days of the War on Drugs, is what is remembered.

I, in no way, am saying that Oakland doesn’t have its horrors, traumas, blues, and unbelievable stories, she does, AND… And, Oakland has a great deal more too. Steve Texeria is on a journey to share the other side, the kindred heart of Oakland, not just to Oaklanders, but to the world. I am grateful to be a part of his journey.

Steve Texeria’s Oakland Neighborhood Project:

“The Oakland Neighborhood Project is designed to let the people in Oakland’s neighborhoods tell their stories in their own words. Over a period of 12-18 months, I will identify and photograph one person, family, or group in each of Oakland’s neighborhoods. Each photo session will take place in that person’s neighborhood and will feature that person or persons holding a sign with their message to the rest of the world written on it.”

_R7A3146<–Photo by Steve Texeira, 2014

Steve says, “I am actively recruiting for this project! So, if you are interested, if you want to represent your neighborhood, if you feel you have something to say that might improve people’s understanding of what and who Oakland truly is, let me know! But don’t wait, there are only so many neighborhoods to go around.”

For more information about Steve Texeria’s Oakland Neighborhood Project, go here:

Finally Here!




Aspectz Of Me

Volume Atiim & Volume Bomani

Online Music Release TBA

 2 volumes of music
11 tracks each
v. Atiim
v. Bomani

2 volumes of music 11 tracks each v. Atiim v. Bomani


Artwork & Design:

The Grammy Award Winning Company, EastRand Studios.