Ghostwriter Verse w/ Con Brio



(Written by Atiim Chenzira & Xandra Corpora for the Album ‘The Bay is Burning’ a Con Brio live recording at the Great American Music Hall, 2010)

Gurl I’ve been waiting for this ti ii ime
To open this door to my mi ii iind
I had to clear these baaags be for oo ore
They tumbled out and hurt some mooooe
From tropical to feeling snow
I had to leave and that you knoooooow oh oh uh ooo oo

But you don’t know the reason why iii ii
This treason killed me slow insiiii iiii iiide
So now I’m sifting through my mess
Dealing with my stress….
I was blinded by my haa annds.
Wasn’t worthy as your friend…
I have to get his off my cheeeeest,
I wasn’t doing my be eee est.

Now I was married once be fooo oooo oh
Then Fear and Doubt came through my Do ooooo oow ooow oo oo oooo o
So then I ran, I ran away, I ran away aaa aaa aaa
But now I’m back right here TODAY!
Without you gurl, I’m not okay….
Please take me back and let me stayyyyyyy ay aye ayyy aye a.

Baby when you walked awayyyy
Baby when you turned your back on me…….

Baby don’t you walk away aye ayyy
Baby don’t you turn your back on mee…

Baby when you walked awayyyy
Baby when you turned your back on me……

(Xandra & Atiim)
You set me freeeeeeeeee,

but I loooo ooove YOUUUUuuuu!

I looo uh ve you….

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