Aspectz Of Me



Aspectz Of Me

Aspectz Of Me, Atiim Chenzira’s newest solo album, is finally here! Aspectz Of Me is a combination of masterful writing, a range of vocal styles and deliveries, and genre crossing music, live music and an assortment of great production by various Bay Area producers. There are bound to be at least five songs that you’ll absolutely fall in love with, because Aspectz Of Me is a double album composed of 22 tracks (Volume A & Volume B).

“This album needed to be true to its’ name, so I had to express all of what I want listeners to know about the many Aspectz Of Me. A year after beginning this album project, I am finally ready to share it. I have included many, but not all, of the musicians and artists in this project that I have worked with over the years, because they too, are Aspectz Of Me.”

Atiim Chenzira - Aspectz of Me

Aspectz Of Me Credits:

Album Art Design

Eastrand Studios: (


Ana Homonnay – (

Michelle Koffler

Tali Serota



JasWho? & Whoville Studios, Berkeley, CA.: (
Tunemaster & Backyard Entertainment, Pittsburg, CA.: (
Mike Stevens & Lost Monkey Studio, Hayward, CA.: (
Doc Melody: (
Danny Visual
DJ Phonic
Henry Navarro: (

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