(Written by Atiim Chenzira, 2010)

1. Rock Version played by FatheR BrotheR Sun at Ex’pression School of Music in 2010

 2. Recorded at Whoville Studios, Berkeley, CA 2013

Verse 1:
People can’t explain what they don’t know, so a story’s made up instead.
Lost in the middle of a lie and a truth, and it comes right out of their head.
Now you did this, and you did that, and the fib slowly unfolds.
Must sound good, but that story’s a shame, cause it ain’t one that you told.
Chorus A1:
Stories about you that ain’t from you…
is what we call perception.
And if they all believe what they receive…
that’s what we call deception.
Chorus B1:
Stories about you…
that ain’t from you…
Is what we ca-all…
And if they all believe
what they receive…
that’s what we ca -all….
De – cep – tion, yeah, yeah yeah.
Verse 2:
Now a one sided story, as the characters mix, only say what one observes…
So define all the pieces for a full review, one letter, word after word.
But it takes too long cause the people keep it movin’.
Mom and dad gotta’ lot to provide…
So a short cutted stories gonna’ do for the moment, so the story takes off and flies.
Chorus B2:
Instrumental Solos
Verse 3:
People wanna hear…
A little story with no proof.
Don’t have to be substantiated…
It’s a lie… that’s called the truth.
Verified, and clarified,
it’s on the up and Up it goes…
But the short cut is assumption,
and this is how the story unfolds.
Chorus B3:


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