Chorus: 2x’s

They’re… First in this game of war…

With hands out and asking for…

More from the peasants,

You are…. We are the damn poor.

Taxing is all we get…

I see and say that’s it…

We got to raise up or voices and say

“Fuck That Shit!!!”

It ain’t gon’ get no bettah

It’s only getting worse.

So check the lyrics I’m speaking

up in this stolen ’ verse.


Verse 1:

It’s like aerobics when it reaches your brain…

Trying to maintain,

feeling like (man) I’m going insane.

Nothing to gain; only to lose,

paying my dues.

And I only have one damn choice to choose?

I can prove what I’m made of or give up now.

Follow directions and give in or blow up Pow!

But y’all jus’ want to see me burn.

Handcuffed and stuffed while you take your turns.

44% push me into jailhouse blues

Or put me on a slab with the rest of my crew.

Uncle Sam wants to see me because he started some funk,

But I punched him in his belly and I started to run.

He swears that he loves me and he’s sorry too.

But I’ll move to Jamaica to escape the fool.

I love my Uncle, but what’ll I do?

X said it’s the chickens coming home to roost.

Twins born into money and they passed away.

It makes me wanna’ hollah’ like Marvin Gaye.

But now I have to wave a flag and fit in or get laser tagged.

I don’t think that I’ll stand a chance.

Put me in fire camp?

Workin’ on the railroads like back in the days

and Wait in the water children the trains coming this way.

The witch-hunts on, and you can dance…

Point the finger in a trance “Yo, Crucify him!”

The witch-hunt is on, and you can dance…

Point the finger in a trance, “Yo, Crucify him!”


Chorus 2x’s


Verse 2:

I was stuck to a cross, bleeding out of my hands,

out of my hips, out of lips came out “Shit!”

Excuse me Lord, but you can understand this.

I asked for some water, and they gave me piss.

I’ve been treated like a third class citizen,

and they only pay attention to my human sins.

But if I had a silver spoon, and some bread to spare,

I could get us off this hook and into anywhere.

They think this place is gon’ last forever,

Arrogant and proud…

“Hey, up there! How’s the weather?”

Like O.J., everyday feeling the pain.

Laugh now, but we’re all going to feel the rain.

Innocence lost and it’s all a blessing dude.

I don’t mean to be an ass, but I’m telling the truth.

For the money, bombs drop for an allies share.

Don’t forsake me! Take me! I don’t care.

One tree burns down and the seeds will grow, Over your head,

but I had to let y’all know.

Who the hell you getting news from? What’s the real?

Who is the master of your slavery? Paying your bills.

Bow down to a pagan God, crisp and clean.

Repo if you don’t or Banks will lean.

While I’m up the dead tree hanging around,

I can tell you what I think, I don’t care how it sounds.


Chorus 2x’s


Verse 3:

No child is left behind, let me remind you.

They spend the school year blind.

Testing takes time fool.

No formal education.

Formally dumb to nation.

Ignorant no skills taught or learned for graduation.

ROTC for the kidz, Uncle he wants his soldiers.

Narrow the options and shit…you’ll be the front line holder.

For filthy politics

For greedy blood shed too.

Stuck to his fly paper script, and now he’s watching’ you…

I see the general plan cause y’all I’m from the bottom

I listen to all the leaks that drop from top (boom!)

Yo, They got em.

Look at the mystorys

It’s a funky puzzle

If you can speak it… The Truth!

Then you gon’ need a muzzle

OR target on you head

The boat is not to be rocked

But with participation

The crowd is not to be stopped.


Chorus 2x’s

They’re… First in this game of war,

With… Hands out and asking for,

More from the peasants, You are!

We are the fucking poor.

Taxing is all we get…

I see and say that’s it…

We got to raise up or voices and say man, “Fuck that shit!!!”

It ain’t gon’ get no bettah before it gets the worse.

So check the lyrics I speaking up in this prophetic verse.


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