I’m King Kong



The song goes, the song goes, the song go oes
King Kong the dong
swipe master the flows
muffled sounds out the pipe
skid marks on the mic
Home like ET
the glammer and glitz
putting on, putting on, putting on the
the shits hot and smoking like it just came out.
You can have it all for free, but not when when you come out
to see me.
Yup at the door you’ll find a box to contribute too
build up the value and you value the show dude
or dudet space cadet
I’m flying high like a Hawk
feathers in my hat
on my porch and I broom
em on their head and they get flying the night skies
Owl in a towel
drying out from a dead flight
I write and spit it get it, get it
it’s got now.
Download whatever
if you want it you can have it
I smile.
It’s yours now.
I’m King Kong
The Dong
Swipe master the faster you move…
Bruce Lee

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