In Pursuit Of Happiness…



(Written by Atiim Chenzira, 2001)


In pursuit of happiness…, So nobodies home.

They’re outside on a corner doing right from a wrong…

Counting every single second like it might be their last…

Looking up, but it doesn’t trickle down that fast.

In pursuit of happiness…, So nobodies home.

Everybody’s looking for it, so they’re all in the zone;

looking for chrome, and lavish thangs’, a picket fence American Dream.

(with) Schemes and plots, but it hangs on string.

And “they” dangle it in front of you on a stick with a bet…

If you really want it baby you gon’ have to go fetch…

In pursuit of happiness, so nobodies home.

Their outside on a corner doing right from a wrong.

Verse: 1

I’m looking for a trap door, Maybe I can climb outside.

There’s no peace to what I’m feeling when I’m dealing with pride.

I’m shackled to debt

And waiting for a chance to rise.

I’m feeling pain and my brains got a glitch inside.

How the hell do I make ends meet,

When it takes money to make money?

Y’all, I got to eat.

In over my head…

Trying to make my dreams come true.

My ladies ready to leave

=Now= what should I do?

I’ve been raised in fucked environments

Where the tumble weeds blow

Where a vice is the only grip to life that we know.

People lose their minds daily trying to feed their kids

And kids try to find a way up out this shiiit.

Living in a ditch

Trying to get rich

By any means that pay.

Man the whole world is stuck that way.

Well, Fuck that way

The globe is addicted to the glamour and glitz.

So I’m in the studio trying push out hits.

In this web that was woven just for me and you

It’s a shame, but I gotta’ do what I got do

And it’s true…

I’m a slave to the dolla’ bill too.

So I’m a wade in the water till the day that I’m through.

Chorus: 1x

Verse: 2

Waiting for a better day’s tiresome!

People Hold On!

Fingertips hanging on a cliff got to be strong.

If God don’t save ya’, then who will?

Have faith for a little bit of time to kill.

When the world turns everybody burns a bit.

Some greater than others

And that’s all, that’s it.

Being content is hard as hell

When you’re watching everybody else live on high.

Asking God for a piece of the pie?

I’ve been plagued with American Dreams.

Low self-esteem

In a city where the cash is king.

Arguments fill the air in my neighborhood.

Everybody struggles hard for a piece of the wood.

Some folks I know have more than they need

Try getting it on their own for their sanity.

Families keep a tight grip on all they do

So they’d rather be broke just like me and you.

On the streets people pass by riding on chrome,

while I walk to the bus stop trying to get home.

If I look at my life through the eyes of greed,

Envy all of the people who have more than me

I would never have a heaven in the life I live.

So I got to keep my focus with the heart of a kid.

Chorus: 1x

Verse: 3

Thomas Jefferson said life and liberty too,

But how does that mix

With the thing we pursue?

In a maze trying to find a better way to live.

Like a dog chasing it’s tail

But when does it give?

Dealing with overseers,

Egotistical men.

Paying chump change for the back I break and I bend.

Only giving up the minimum to people who work.

So a corner jobs tempting even though its in dirt.

It’s a shame,

How this game got us living a lie.

I aspire to live higher

And do more than get by.

So I have to keep two jobs to make it ahead,

Cause’ a man can’t live on only water and bread.

If I want to have material and lavish things

Midnight candles burn and the crickets sing.

Two suns pass by like the days don’t end,

For apiece of the pie, I’m gon’ do it again.

I won’t pretend that I don’t want money to spare

If I had it, I could be almost anywhere

Living life with my liberty and doing my thing.

Happiness is equivalent to freedom’s ring.
Happiness isn’t money it’s what money provides

Some come from the green, but still aren’t satisfied.

In somebody else’s pocket

Under control and stress

So they’d rather flap or fall to leave duress.

Most don’t really have it, even though it may seem…

Credit cards make em’ slave to their brand new things.

Some don’t front they only deal with boulevard cream

And the street life liberty is their daily routine.

Gamblers take chances with the shake of roll

Hookers hook for a buck on the midnight stroll

Players play the field looking for an ‘okey-doak’

And the rest get caught up for a hit of the blow.

Some wait for the opportunity to come

Others chase their goals until their days are done

Round the clock at the bottom of this pyramid.

Living life in pursuit, that’s just the way that it is.

On a routine slaves wake up to the sun,

Working from 9-5 and then 6 to one…

Looking for way out of this ignorant bliss

Broken spirits shatter like glass pursuing happiness…

Last Chorus: 2x


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