Oh Lord: where are you?



Now people gave away their freedoms for a night of no sweat.Betting their fams (families) one government would do it the best.
No faith in what’s up high it’s all in man, till the masses started waking to the lies of Sam.
One fingers pointed at us, and three’s back at that dude.
Now the giant starts yawning with some attitude.
Listen to the breeze in the Wind.
>Quiet crackles…
Bad apples…
The Tree filled with sin bares fruit
Looking for the seeds to spread.
One bullet for a prophet’s aiming straight for my head.
“Oh Lord, can you tell me… what is goin’ ah ah ah on.”
Many more will die.
Many have since past, and it makes me wanna’ hollah’ when I look at the past.
I hope You! got this all worked out, and I hope You! know what we’re talking about.
I hope You! You! You! You!
I hope You! You! You! You!

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