We Come In Piece.



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Welcomed by strangers in a new land
From away…
From afar…
Guided by the stars…
we come in peace.
I mean pieces.
Carrying traumas, and baggage packed from generations of oppression
All fleeing old worlds or extending the reach of them…
Persecuted for religious beliefs or planting the flags in the names of their leaders Gods, and all to attain sweet Freedom and Wealth.
From old lands, ideas and ways
To be kings and to be queens like they were to them
To a new land of promised dreams
On land of broken trust and blood.
All to be who they wish to become…
From their mother and father lands to become…
From Potatoes.
From taxes.
From pains.
To come in pieces…
“You Come In Peace?”
Greeted with opened arms
“We welcome you dear strangers…”
Have you ever overstayed your welcome at a friends or families house?
Have you?
Like Pirate Ships with skull and bones
They planted seeds in your sweet home…
They come in peace…
They come in pieces.
“Take us to your leaders, we’ll make deals, give you blankets, give you God, give you civilization, give you our word!”
“But you said…”
“Of course we did, but those are only words…”
Sticks and stones will break your bones and words will bond you for us.
Tricked by sugars, alcohols, and promises of freedom from our pains…
Like letting Dracula into your home, freely he roams….
Sucking the life blood from your motherland and family dry.
All Hallow’s Eve was last month, but every day is death and taxes.
Hurt people hurt people…
But this… This was inhumane.
Scalps and cottons, an alien world was subdued and trampled
Landscaped, divided, torn apart…
And the people…
What people?
The only people here were the ones who discovered it, cut it into pieces, fought over its resources, and claimed it as their own.
We come in piece.


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